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Events & Awards

Once a year, NELI gathers Leaders in Forward Thinking for the Annual NELI Honors and Leadership Summit. Many describe the 3-day event as “the best kept secret in leadership.” Nice compliment but we no longer want it to be secret. Come join us. Together, we’ll go far.


The NELI Honors

Honoring a daily commitment to leadership excellence.

Join us September 10-13, for the 22nd Annual NELI Honors and Leadership Summit at the National Press Club in Washington, D.C.


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Executive Leadership Exchange

Never under estimate the power of a conversation. The exchange of ideas is what helps us lead forward.

The Executive Leadership Exchange is a one-day leadership event for forward-thinking professionals in all career disciplines and fields of endeavor. The immersive environment enables attendees to draw inspiration from unlikely places. Participants learn by exchanging ideas that influence the future and accelerate their individual development.

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Corporate Bound Academy

Investing in future leaders will keep your organization thinking and leading forward.

Corporate Bound Academy is a two-day leadership event for corporate-bound college students in pursuit of all career disciplines and fields of endeavor. The Academy prepares them for the challenges of leadership and enables them develop the skills and network key to their success.

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Submit a Nomination

Public recognition helps brand your company a great place to work and lead.

Recognition is a public assertion of the value you bring to the world. NELI is thrilled to provide two distinct opportunities for your company to receive recognition at The NELI Honors.

The NELI Award salutes organizations, and the CEOs who guide them, for illustrating steller leadership, unique vision and a deeply rooted commitment to Corporate Social Responsibility. The Eagle Award recognizes individuals who set a higher standard of leadership in their work and community involvement. Both awards are open for nomination.

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